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jingtang successful small batch trial production of antistatic color-coated plates

release time:2020-11-27 08:52:37

recently, shougang’s color-coated product family has added a new member. the color coating line of the jingtang company’s color-coated plate division successfully trial-produced a new functional color-coated plate product, a small batch of antistatic color-coated plates, which will be used on the interior door panel of a medical device company. the successful small batch trial production of this product has enriched the types of color-coated products that shougang can provide, broadened the market channel and further enhancing the competitiveness of these products.

static electricity can be seen everywhere in people’s daily life, and its harm cannot be underestimated. when static electricity accumulates on the surface of a color-coated plate, it can easily absorb dust and even bacteria in the environment, which affects indoor environmental cleanliness. therefore, electronic semiconductors, textiles, food processing, optical instruments, medical facilities and other high-cleanliness, dust-free, and aseptic industries or places have strict requirements for the antistatic performance of products.

in order to meet the needs of end users, the color-coated plate division cooperated closely with coating suppliers to successfully develop antistatic color-coated plate products. through the study of both domestic and international conductive coating technology, they determined the research and development of the additive antistatic coating scheme, which makes the pigment form a conductive network or conductive path, and which finally has conductive properties. at the same time, in order to meet the needs of customers, technicians repeatedly tested and discussed the coating formula to meet the customers’ requirements for the color of the plate on the premise of ensuring conductivity. after the conductive coating is coated with a color coating line, it becomes an antistatic color-coated plate. in the process of use, with the installation of a grounding wire in construction engineering, the static electricity generated by air convection and clothing friction on the surface of the color-coated steel plate can be introduced into the ground and disappear, thus providing a good antistatic effect.

before the production of antistatic color-coated products, the color-coated plate division organized process technicians, production line professionals and coating suppliers to hold a production preparation meeting to discuss production precautions, prepare a process control card, and determine key production process parameters; during the production process, they adjusted the coating viscosity, coating machine speed, pressure and other main process parameters according to the process requirements, and monitored the temperature of each section in the furnace area at all times to ensure the coating curing requirements were met and the production task was successfully completed. through testing a sample from each roll of products, the conventional physical performance indexes became good, the surface resistance value of the antistatic plate met the requirements of the national standard, and the product quality was generally good.

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