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jingtang company successfully produced 0.11-mm steel for 5g equipment

release time:2020-11-23 09:32:51

a few days ago, the 1420 batch annealing production line of tinplate division of the jingtang company successfully rolled 0.11mm × 800mm ultra-thin high-end steel for electronic products. the product specifications broke through the rolling limit of the production line, and all technical indicators of the steel coil met the requirements of customers. this marks the manufacturing capacity of shougang jingtang products' upgrading to a new height. the product is mainly used in 5g base stations and other high-end electronic equipment.

“thinness” and “smoothness” are the characteristics of the product, but also the difficulties facing production. the product is as thin as 0.11mm, which is just as thin as a piece of standard a4 paper. such a thin specification exceeds the rolling capacity of the 1420 batch annealing leveling machine’s design; the surface roughness of strip steel is less than 0.2μm, which also reaches the limit of the leveling machine’s parameter setting. this kind of steel has very high requirements on steel purity, mechanical properties, thickness, accuracy, shape and surface quality. it’s a test of the comprehensive manufacturing capacity of the enterprise to produce this specification of ultra-thin high-end steel for electronic products.

the jingtang company takes advantage of the integration of production, marketing and research and consistent management, organizes the manufacturing department, the technical center, the tinplate division and other relevant production units to cooperate closely, and successively solves a series of technical problems, such as the precise control of organizational performance; it conscientiously absorbs and draws lessons from the previous production technology experience of thin and ultra-thin specifications, and studies and deploys topics on the whole process, covering design, rolling process selection, roll matching requirements and other key technical problems of the product. the steel-making department, the hot rolling department and the tinplate division have formulated detailed special production preparation plans.

the 1420 batch annealing production line is the top priority of this production. in order to ensure smooth and stable production, the director in charge specially presided over the production preparation meeting and studied and formulated detailed production control measures for degreasing, annealing, off-line leveling, rewinding and other parts. the equipment and production operators also carefully checked the functional accuracy of the equipment and the roll surface status of various types of rolls. during the production process, professional technicians tracked the whole process on site and guided the adjustment of key control parameters in real time. by optimizing the welding parameters and other measures, they ensured the welding quality of the strip steel. finally, the technical indicators of the finished products met the technical requirements of users, the hit rate of each process was 100%, and the new product order production task was successfully completed.

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