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the red party flag is fluttering on the road to poverty alleviation

release time:2020-11-16 09:29:11

——report on shougang’s strengthening party construction and leading and promoting poverty alleviation

a bounden duty of state-owned enterprises is to help poverty alleviation. the party committee of the shougang group has conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of the central government, the beijing municipal party committee and municipal government for poverty alleviation, adhered to the leadership of party construction, implemented precise policies, and promoted the smooth implementation of all poverty alleviation work.

strengthening organizational leadership and consolidating the responsibilities of poverty alleviation. the party committee of the shougang group regards poverty alleviation as a glorious political task and mission of any state-owned enterprise. it takes the poverty alleviation truly seriously and does a good job with greater determination, more precise measures, and a stronger style. in order to ensure the implementation of poverty alleviation, the party committee of the shougang group organized the formulation of implementation and work plans for poverty alleviation, and ensured the implementation of poverty alleviation in institutions, personnel and responsibilities. focusing on the implementation of various tasks, companies, various departments and units of the shougang group have held several special meetings to study, deploy, and carry out on-site investigations, providing organizational guarantees for the high-quality completion of all poverty alleviation work. the shougang group has actively carried out poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas targeted by beijing in accordance with its actual development. since 2019, 2 industrial poverty alleviation projects have been promoted. as of the end of june 2020, 33 million yuan has been invested and 1 poverty alleviation workshop has been established, directly driving the employment of 416 local people and indirectly driving the employment of 300 people, 15 of whom are poor people with file cards; 378,000 tons of raw and auxiliary steel materials have been purchased in beijing city’s counterpart assistance areas, totaling 266 million yuan, and the welfare supplies and canteen purchases cost 3 million yuan in total in the innovative and entrepreneurial center of the beijing consumer poverty alleviation industry and the yangyuan county purchasing union, hebei province; 520,000 yuan of agricultural products have been purchased in the partner assistance low-income village; the shougang technician college has recruited 45 students from poverty-stricken areas; combined with the college student recruitment plan, it has recruited 41 fresh graduates with file cards, with a total of 204 people with file cards at present; a total of 1.05 million yuan in donations and condolences have been carried out in various forms.

assigning poverty alleviation cadres to send intellectual resources to the forefront. the party committee of the shougang group insists on assigning poverty alleviation cadres to poverty-stricken areas as an important way to consolidate a grassroots foundation and achieve precise poverty alleviation. in recent years, the party committee of the shougang group has continued to send active and capable young party members to severely poverty-stricken areas to carry out poverty alleviation. in may 2019, actively responding to the call of the ninth batch of young cadres to aid tibet in beijing city, the cpc organization department made arrangements for mobilization and deployment, and assigned zhang xiazhou, the party member of the institute of technology (who majored in welding), to the tibet technician college for teaching management for one year. zhang xiazhou actively carried out the construction and teaching work of the welding professional training base of tibet technician college, which was just established, joined the first “qing lan project” of tibet technician college, and formed a mentorship assistance with the newly recruited tibetan teacher suolangduoji for transmitting beijing’s advanced teaching concepts, helping to establish a curriculum for the teaching system, and driving young teachers to continuously improve their work enthusiasm and initiative, which made positive contributions to the construction of local discipline, and left wealth that can’t be taken away.

heiyukou village, xiangying township, yanqing district, is the shougang group’s partner assistance low-income village. since december 2016, the group’s park management department has successively assigned the three comrades chen xiaoyang, zheng jianguo, and liu yalin to serve as the first secretary in heiyukou village, xiangying township, yanqing district. in the past three and a half years, they’ve carried out in-depth fixed-point assistance, worked at the front, resided at the grassroots level, and entered every household to listen to social conditions and public opinions, meet assistance needs, and effectively help the masses solve practical difficulties. in the meantime, after the resident village secretary resided at heiyukou village to start his work, he promptly reported problems to the organization that the village branch’s party members didn’t play an outstanding role, the institutional mechanism needed to be improved, the party affairs were not standardized, the training and education for party members were a formality, and the masses were not well-content. the party committee of the park management department has repeatedly visited the village to guide and help carry out party construction, held three special meetings to study and strengthen the party’s construction in the village, put forward suggestions based on the actual situation of the village branch, instructed the resident village secretary starting with “the training and education for party members” and strictly implemented the “three meetings and one party class” system, etc. it also set up a party member volunteer service team to organize monthly party-themed day activities for comprehensively promoting the standardized construction of the village branch. since 2017, the resident village secretary has actively implemented the opinions and suggestions of dispatched units, taken the lead to organize 26 various party member activities, and organized the party member volunteer service team to provide services over 200 times. in the advanced party branch evaluation organized by xiangying township in 2018, the party branch of heiyukou village was selected as the only “five-star” example in the township. in order to strengthen the party construction of the village, since july 2018, during the “july 1” period each year, the park management department and the party branch of heiyukou village have jointly carried out common party construction and party-themed day activities. as of march 2020, a total of three activities have been carried out, which effectively aroused the enthusiasm of the village party members in acting as the vanguards of getting rid of low income and getting rich, and helps heiyukou village to get rid of low income.

only by prescribing the right “medicine” can we pull out the “poor roots”. based on the actual conditions of poverty-stricken areas, the party committee of the shougang group has carried out various work such as industrial projects, employment, consumption, and public benefit poverty alleviation, and achieved positive results. the development of the courtyard economy is an important measure taken by shougang to help heiyukou village out of poverty. in july 2018, the park management department allocated 84,000 yuan for the purchase of peony seedlings for heiyukou village, purchased 1,200 dutch peony seedlings, and distributed them to 40 peasant households who wanted to plant them. in 2019, the villagers’ average annual income was 16,000 yuan, which was 4,840 yuan above the beijing low-income standard. at the same time, poverty alleviation by industrial projects is also a key task of the party committee of the shougang group. the xintong shoucheng mining co., ltd. of beijing’s shougang mining investment co., ltd. promoted the economic development of luanping county, chengde, hebei through the implementation of the project, and promoted the poverty alleviation of the surrounding people through employment, including the employment of a total of over 400 local people. at present, their income has greatly increased. some bought houses in the county, and some bought cars, gradually moving towards a well-off life. the experience that projects helped locals out of poverty was reported in “beijing news” and “beijing daily”, and was emphatically promoted in the beijing-chengde accurate poverty alleviation industry collaboration promotion conference. in addition, under the leadership of local government departments, five companies, namely the shougang tonggang group, shougang shuicheng iron & steel (group) co., ltd., shougang changzhi iron & steel co., ltd., shougang guiyang special steel co., ltd. and yili iron and steel group, have built an assistance relationship with 13 poor villages and dispatched 12 resident village cadres; invested 5 million yuan in poverty alleviation, carried out work on village roads, farmland irrigation, drinking water projects, dilapidated building renovation, and 4 planting projects; purchased 2 million yuan of agricultural and sideline products; hired more than 2,000 people; and helped 746 people and 6 villages out of poverty.

2020 is the last year for building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way and fighting for poverty alleviation. the shougang group will resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the beijing municipal party committee and municipal government, further deepen our understanding, strengthen our sense of responsibility, urgency and mission to reflect poverty alleviation in solid actions and accelerate the implementation of new industrial poverty alleviation projects. we will also increase our consumption and poverty alleviation efforts, do a good job in educating people about poverty alleviation, and continue to do well in the “one enterprise to one village” partner assistance to promote the smooth implementation of various poverty alleviation work and help the aided areas win the battle against poverty.

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