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shougang co., ltd. awarded "national safety culture construction demonstration enterprise"

release time:2020-11-02 09:21:36

on the occasion of the in-depth development of the 19th "safety month" nationwide, the china association of work safety awarded shougang the "national safety culture construction demonstration enterprise” certificate of honor.

"national safety culture construction demonstration enterprise" is an honorary title awarded by the former state administration of work safety in order to explore new mechanisms and new ways of constructing safety culture, and to better play a leading demonstrative role. according to the principles of objectivity & fairness, and selecting the best of the best, it has been finally named so by the china association of work safety following organized expert review, spot inspection and online publicity procedures, and is a sign of the effective construction of corporate safety culture.

shougang co., ltd. adheres to the principles of "developing culture with safety” and “ensuring safety with culture", adheres to the double zero goal of safe production with the safety culture values of "responsibility, duty, self-discipline; science, standardization, rigor; legality, development, and safety", and becomes a "pioneer" and "demonstrator" of safety. it continues to improve its safety strategy guidance mechanisms, safety goal assessment mechanisms, safety concept penetration mechanisms, safety system implementation mechanisms, and safety education and training mechanisms; and vigorously promotes the construction of safety culture, widely promotes safety culture, spreads safety knowledge, and uses culture to cast safety shields by adopting the establishment of publicity banners and exhibition boards on main roads, production sites, and shuttle stations in the factory, led displays, on the wechat platform, etc. it also organizes a series of safety activities to create a strong corporate safety culture atmosphere and improve the safety awareness of all employees, adhering to standardization as the main line to ensure the stable development of safe production, realizing the systematization of safety and health management, the standardization of post operation behavior, the intrinsic safety of equipment and facilities, and focuses on the operating environment and equipment.

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