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debut product released in china: dual phase steel srs650 for wheel rims

release time:2020-08-21 08:50:24

shougang has always focused on the development of high-strength wheel steel product series, aiming at the light-weight demand of domestic heavy truck wheels. building on its first domestic launch of dual phase steel sdp690 for spokes in 2018, shougang has made further efforts in 2019, overcome the technical problems of rim steel meeting high fatigue performance, high formability and high weldability, and successfully launched the fourth generation of dual phase steel srs650 for rims with the highest strength grade in china. this new product boasts a thickness reduction of 14.5%, and the weight of the wheel is reduced by 8%. the fatigue life of the 34 kg lightweight heavy truck wheel manufactured by such wheels meets the strict 1 million times requirement. at the same time, it has been successfully applied to the double-axle fatigue resistant heavy truck wheel, and the fatigue life has reached the highest standard of 24,000km. the successful application of the srs650 has been widely praised by the leading domestic wheel enterprises. it is believed that the product’s overall performance is superior to that of the same level of foreign advanced high-strength materials, and it will become the main product leading the industry in lightweight wheels. in 2019, srs650 achieved a stable supply of 1,600 tons, making shougang the only supplier with the fourth generation of lightweight spokes and rims.

application achievements: applied to 34kg lightweight heavy truck wheel rim to reduce thickness by 15%; applied to the wheel rim to resist biaxial fatigue and heavy truck to meet the highest requirement of 24,000km; also applied to lightweight light truck wheel rim to supply well-known enterprises.

product features: high welding, high fatigue and high forming.

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