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world first product: electrical steel 25sw1250h for nev drive motors

release time:2020-07-16 12:29:42

with the increasing pressure of energy resources and environmental protection, new energy vehicles (nevs) are ushering in rapid new development. in order to improve the utilization rate of power batteries, many countries have issued strict power density standards. an effective way to increase the power density is to increase the speed of the motor. this requires the rotor material to have a low-frequency iron loss and higher strength. shougang has set its sights on the commanding heights of achieving integration, efficiency and high-power density technology in nevs drive motors. through its commitment to independent innovation, shougang successfully launched the high-strength non-oriented electrical steel 35sw1700h in 2017, and went on to make further breakthroughs in the low-frequency iron loss and launched a new product, 25sw1250h in 2019. compared with products from world-renowned companies, this product’s yield strength had exceeded the upper limit of 450mpa of conventional non-oriented electrical steel, and the iron loss was reduced by 4%. this product can increase the drive motor’s efficiency by 1.5%, and increase the maximum speed by 6%. it is widely recognized by high-end users and adds one more kind of high-end new energy non-oriented electrical steel product to shougang’s existing range.


application performance: the material is recognized by high-end users

product features: high magnetic induction is increased by 1.67t, high strength breaks the upper limit of 480mpa, low iron loss of 11.5kg is the currently lowest in the industry

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