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shougang construction group donates epidemic prevention supplies to sri lanka

release time:2020-06-16 09:34:45

a few days ago, the embassy of sri lanka in china sent a thank-you letter to shougang construction group to thank it for its valuable support during the current crisis, and expressed confidence that sri lanka and china will ultimately succeed in the battle against covid-19.

shougang construction group’s international branch is participating in the construction of the the one project in sri lanka’s capital colombo. to date, shougang construction group has donated 544 boxes of 84 disinfectant, totaling 11.864 tons, to embassy of sri lanka in china. k. k. yoganaadan, the acting ambassador of the sri lankan embassy, thanked shougang construction group for its free assistance, commenting: “these donations are the most urgently needed in sri lanka. we will lose no time in distributing them to the ministry of health and other frontline units through the ministry of foreign affairs of sri lanka.” he emphasized that “the friendship between sri lanka and china is long-lasting, and the people of our two countries are working together in this fight. i am sure we will win the battle against this epidemic.” ms. jianati, the general manager and partner of sri lanka’s the one project, immediately reported the news of shougang construction group’s free donation of epidemic prevention supplies to mahinda rajapaksa, the prime minister of the sri lankan government. prime minister mahinda asked ms. jianati to express sincere thanks to shougang construction group on his behalf.

at present, the structural construction of tower a project of the one project undertaken by shougang construction group’s international branch includes 80 stories, and its building height is 326 meters. the total construction period is 24 months, and construction began on april 19, 2019. both the quality and acceptance standards adopt european and british standards. after completion, it will become a landmark building in colombo. during the epidemic, the sri lanka project department of shougang construction group’s international branch moved quickly to purchase masks, thermometers, temperature guns, alcohol disinfectant and other supplies from sri lanka and distributed them to all personnel on site. living and office areas are being disinfected twice a day, and a closed management system has been imposed, with real-name registration required upon entry to the site, temperature measurements carried out, and strict restrictions imposed on movement of personnel within the site.

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