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shougang’s world’s first project of fuel ethanol produced by bio-fermentation of exhaust gas from steel industry won the “national quality engineering

release time:2020-05-06 14:51:28

recently, the “national quality engineering award” award ceremony organized by cacem was held. shougang langze’s world’s first project of fuel ethanol produced by bio-fermentation of exhaust gas of 45,000 tons/year from steel industry won the 2018-2019 national quality engineering award.

in 2011, shougang group took the lead in introducing the world’s leading bio-fermentation technology and invested in the construction of the world’s largest and most complete ethanol pilot plant of fuel ethanol produced by bio-fermentation of exhaust gas of 300 tons/year. after several rounds of research and development experiments and numerous technical optimizations, shougang group successfully pioneered the whole system of technological processes and produced clean energy fuel ethanol for use in automotive ethanol. in 2018, fuel ethanol was converted into low-carbon aviation fuel through secondary processing, applied to commercial flights for the first time effortlessly, turning technology into productivity and turning decay into wonder.

the group remains true to the original aspiration and forges ahead. the continuous scientific and technological innovation enables iron and steel enterprises to not only produce the plate needed for cars and aircraft, but also provide them with green and low-carbon clean energy, thus realizing the leapfrog development from traditional industry to new energy.

in august 2016, the world’s first 45,000-ton/year commercial project to produce fuel ethanol from biological fermentation of exhaust gas from the steel industry began itsconstruction at caofeidian shougang jingtang company in tangshan city, hebei province. in the process of project construction, shougang langze worked with all the participating units and adhered to the smart, intelligent and fine management, standardized construction and integrated operation. the commissioning in may 2018 was a success. after the project is put into motion, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 170 thousand tons, nitrogen oxides by 480 tons and particulate matter by 130 tons each year. it has materilized the efficient and clean utilization of exhaust gas resources in the steel industry, and practiced green and low-carbon, circular economy and sustainable development. the project combines the treatment of exhaust gas from steel industry, biotechnology and clean energy organically, truly realizes the breakthrough of converting inorganic carbon into organic carbon, and starts a revolution in carbon capture, carbon utilization and carbon recycling, which has played a positive role in promoting china’s national energy security, the development of biotechnology, energy conservation, and emission reduction of steel enterprises. 

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