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shougang fund won china’s most influential industry investment fofs of the year

release time:2020-03-13 10:23:14

at the 4th annual gold lotus award (or in short “gold lotus”) held on january 9, the shougang fund won the title of the top 30 of china’s most influential industrial investment fofs in 2019.

as the most authoritative and professional ranking in china’s private equity investment industry, the gold lotus has witnessed outstanding achievements of rapid development of china’s capital market, emerging industries and gradual improvement of private equity market with chinese characteristics since its first release on november 6, 2016. on january 9, 2020, the ceremony attracted 500 representatives from china’s private equity industry and elites from industries, universities, and research industry all over the country, and witnessed the birth of the gold lotus list.

in 2020, with gold lotus as the incentive, the shougang fund will continue to work in the industry with the “rent collection” assets as the starting point, promote the effective merger and acquisition of the holding platform, form a dominant position in the new industry, and strive to create “the first-class industry integration fund with the most value creation ability in china.”

it is understood that in 2019, shougang fund successively won the top 20 chinese state-owned investment institutions issued by zero2ipo, the top 50 best private equity investment institutions in china, china venture capital annual award and the roi award top 50 influential pe investment institutions and received accolades within the industry.

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