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shougang holding (hong kong) limited

shougang holding (hong kong) limited

i. introduction

founded in april 1992, shougang holding (hong kong) limited (“shougang holding (hong kong)”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of shougang group, is an investment holding company duly incorporated under the laws of hong kong. representing shougang group, shougang holding (hong kong) holds and manages publicly listed companies in hong kong. through resources consolidation, capital allocation, financing management and positioning of asset portfolio, shougang holding (hong kong) deeply penetrates into the strategic mapping of shougang group, solidifies and enhances the value of listed company assets.

ii. main holding and equity participation in hong kong-listed companies

currently, shougang holding (hong kong)’s hong kong-listed company portfolios consist of shoucheng ho006cdings limited (, shougang fushan resources group limited (, shougang century holdings limited ( and global digital creations holdings limited (


iv. company vision

being the overseas investment and financing platform of shougang group, shougang holding (hong kong) positions its focus on the business of mineral resources and parking industry. its visionary target is to become a first-class offshore spear and create long term value for the investors.

v. introduction of four listed companies

1.     shougang fushan resources group limited (“shougang resources”)

in 2009, shougang holding (hong kong) held the shares of fushan international energy group limited, which was renamed as shougang resources in 2011. resources’ principal business consists of coal mining, coal washing and dressing, and sales of coking coal products.

shougang resources owns and operates three operating coking coal mines, namely xingwu coal mine, jinjiazhuang coal mine and zhaiyadi coal mine, in liulin county, shanxi province, china. the approved production capacity of each coal mine is 1.75mt/a, and the accumulated production capacity is 5.25mt/a. currently, each coal mine is supported with independent preparation plant, and the processing volume of all three preparation plants is 6.30mt/a. in the future, the group will continuously enlarge the current operation for better scale effect.

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2.     shoucheng holdings limited (“shoucheng holdings”)

in 1992, collaborating with cheung kong (holdings) limited, shougang group acquired shougang concord international enterprises company limited (“sciec”) through shougang holding (hong kong). in 2020, the sciec officially changed its name to shoucheng holdings limited (shoucheng holdings). shoucheng holdings is committed to becoming the relentless improver and service provider of infrastructure assets. through asset financing and asset operation, shoucheng holdings has fully empowered c-reits, and has laid out infrastructure areas such as parking, industrial parks and environmental protection. at the same time, it provides clients for services along with the entire ecological chain, ranging from setting up the development fund investment, consultation of publicly-offered reits to strategic placement investment of reits, and provides asset holders with full-cycle assets operation service by lean service, value-added restructuring, and technology crossover, so as to achieve the comprehensive improvement of asset value and supply the society with leading infrastructure management services.

shoucheng holdings, which has strong roots in beijing and hong kong, combines with domestic and international capital and assets and plays an important supporting role in the functional positioning of shougang holding (hong kong) limited in overseas investment and financing platform. at present, shoucheng holdings has been included in hssi, and has become the double target of stock investment under the shanghai-hong kong stock connect and shenzhen-hong kong stock connect, which is more convenient for mainland professional investors and customers to invest shoucheng holdings.

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3.     shougang century holdings limited (“shougang century”)

in 1993, shougang holding (hong kong) successfully acquired equity interest of shougang concord century holdings limited (“shougang concord century”) through sciecl. in 2019, shougang holding (hong kong) acquired shougang concord century’s shares from sciecl. in 2021, shougang concord century officially changed its name to shougang century. its principal business includes production of steel cords for radial tyres and manufacturing of metal products such as sawing wires that are used in the photovoltaic industry.

shougang century earns its worldwide “eastern” brand recognition in steel cord industry which is highly perceived by global tyre manufacturers including bridgestone, goodyear, yokohama, hankook and so on. shougang century will continuously develop and produce steel cords in different specifications, and provide customers with high-quality and stable products in order to maximize returns for shareholders.

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4.     global digital creations holdings limited (“gdc”)

global digital creations holdings limited (“gdc”) listed on hong kong’s growth enterprise market since 2003. it has a world-leading digital content production line and project management system, and is the first one to introduce the 3d computer graphics technology into mainland china. in 2005, through capital operation, shougang holding (hong kong) participated in the management of gdc. in 2019, shougang holding (hong kong) acquired gdc’s shares which previously were held by shougang concord grand (now named as “capital industrial financial services group limited”), and became the direct shareholders of gdc.

relying on abundant industrial resources from shougang group, gdc has been committed to transforming itself from a traditional animation production company into a metaverse interactive entertainment and digital asset management company based on cutting-edge technology in digital graphics and images. with metaverse technology, it empowers and focuses on urban renewal, sports and education, animation and filming, digital virtual characters, and digital twins. it creates a metaverse ecological chain in industry by virtue of its advantageous business pattern of culture ip and metaverse technology.

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