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walk firmly in the direction guided by general secretary xi jinping

release time:2022-04-06 09:15:58

on march 15th, 2022, the headline article in people’s daily was entitled “stories of the general secretary at the two sessions in the past decade”, which read, “at this year’s npc & cppcc, and the joint meeting of the agricultural, social welfare and social security sectors of the cppcc, general secretary xi jinping said, ‘the beijing winter olympics was awesome, and there are many aspects that will go down in history. beijing is the only ‘dual olympic city’. some wondered if big air shougang was located at a nuclear power plant. they just didn’t realize that this was a green transformation. we simply transformed the steel industry into the sports industry.’”

from 2019 to 2022, the general secretary visited shougang park twice and gave important instructions to shougang many times, which made shougang cadres and workers feel warm, proud, excited, deeply encouraged and spurred on, and greatly stimulated their enthusiasm and drive to complete all their work with excellence.

on february 1st, 2019, the general secretary visited shougang park, paid a new year visit to shougang cadres and workers, and affirmed the park’s planning and construction, industrial transformation, style protection, ecological construction, etc. he then gave important instructions in which he pointed out the direction for shougang to do all its work well. the general secretary’s care and love made all shougang people feel warm, excited and proud. was big air shougang costly? do you still have 30 million tons of steel? what other industries is shougang involved in? each word and small detail was full of affectionate entrustment and ardent expectations.

from january 18th to 19th, 2021, when the general secretary inspected the preparations for the winter olympics in beijing and hebei, he emphasized that it was necessary to actively plan the post-competition utilization of the winter olympics venues, combine holding major events with serving national fitness, and promote the transformation and high-quality development of key areas such as shougang, yanqing and zhangjiakou. the general secretary’s entrustment embodies lofty political concern, deep and precious affection, and the supreme glory of all shougang staff.

on january 4th, 2022, the general secretary inspected the preparations for the 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games in beijing. he came to the dispatching center of the beijing winter olympics headquarters in shougang park to visit the operation manager, and gave important instructions regarding preparations for the games.

 “everything is for the winter olympics, shougang walks with the olympics”. shougang people always keep in mind the ardent expectations of the general secretary and the “greatness of the country”, and firmly fulfill the sacred mission and responsibility shouldered by state-owned enterprises.

big air shougang is a microcosm of shougang’s green transformation. shougang firmly grasped the historic opportunity of the winter olympics, promoted the “four revivals” as a whole and strived to create a new landmark for the revival of the capital city in the new era. shougang park has become an important symbol of the deep transformation of beijing. shougang creatively applied the concepts of “darn city”, “sponge city” and “urban renewal” to the planning, enabling the park’s planning results to reach the international advanced level. adhering to the priorities of infrastructure and the ecological environment, the park has taken on a new look and been integrated into the development of the capital with an open attitude; gradually defined the industrial positioning of “sports ” and “science and technology ”, and actively explored the specialized, market-oriented and international operation mode. the industrial ecology has been initially formed, and 116 enterprises have settled. ciftis, china science fiction conference, olympic expo and other major events have been held in the park, further enhancing its influence. during the winter olympics, big air shougang became a “household name” overseas, and shougang park has become a global “internet celebrity” and a worldwide place of interest.

the general secretary’s love and care is a powerful driving force for shougang staff to work hard and forge ahead. they are standing at a new starting point and embarking on a new journey. shougang cadres and workers unanimously stated that they should walk in the direction guided by the general secretary, shoulder the responsibility and mission of “struggling with me”, and strive to promote shougang’s high-quality development, thereby building a new landmark of beijing in the new era and a world-class comprehensive large-scale enterprise group.

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