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shougang co., ltd. is listed on 2020 forbes global 2000

release time:2020-06-23 15:02:06

"forbes" recently released the 2020 forbes global 2000. among the 2,000 companies on the list this year, there are 30 global steel companies and 10 chinese steel companies. shougang co., ltd. is among them along with nippon steel, posco, baosteel and other famous domestic and foreign steel giants, striding forward in their vision of "building an excellent listed company with world competitiveness".

as a world-renowned business magazine, "forbes" is famous for publishing the "global rich list" and "forbes global 2000". unlike the fortune global 500, which values operating income, the forbes global 2000 is based on four major indicators, those being operating income, profit, assets and market value, and comprehensively selects the world’s largest, most influential enterprises with the highest value. it has been released continuously for 18 years, since 2003. compared with the fortune global 500, the number of companies on the list is larger and the industry coverage is wider. it is regarded as one of the world's most authoritative and most watched business company rankings. it is not only a barometer of the rise and fall of a company's profits and losses, but also a profound display of the changes in the competitive landscape of competitive industries in various countries.

the 2,000 companies on the list in 2020 are distributed across 64 countries and regions around the world, with a total revenue of 42.3 trillion us dollars, a total profit of 3.3 trillion us dollars, total assets of 201.4 trillion us dollars, and a total market value of 54.3 trillion us dollars.

shougang co., ltd. was listed in 1999. with its mission to serve the country with steel, it is committed to building an excellent listed company with world competitiveness.

it adheres to green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high-quality manufacturing, lean manufacturing, precision services, innovation-driven, technology-driven, and talent-driven principles, conforms to and follows the laws of industry development, market competition and corporate growth, vigorously promotes the adjustment of its regional layout, and significantly improves the quality of assets and the size of enterprises; it vigorously promotes scientific and technological progress, makes technological advantages to its core competitiveness, and produces products with global and domestic debuts. it has realized a huge transformation from long logs to high-end plates, from product manufacturers to high-end material service providers, and has become a leader and demonstrator of the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. both the qianshun base and jingtang base have gradually formed ten high-end product clusters such as automotive sheets, electrical steel, and tin plates. it has supplied an entire series of automotive plates, becoming bmw’s largest domestic supplier, and the only domestic steel company with bmw’s “quality excellence award” in 2018-2019; it has sharpened electrical steel for ten years and become the main supplier of midea, gree, panasonic, hitachi and other well-known enterprises, with every two inverter air conditioners in china made of shougang non-oriented electrical steel, and occupies the first domestic market share. oriented electrical steel focuses on "high, low and thin", and "double million" uhv transformers, and high-efficiency energy-saving distribution transformers are widely used to transmit power to more than 20 provinces and cities; pipeline steel is widely used in the construction of key national projects such as the west-east gas pipeline project, benefiting hundreds of millions of people; bridge steel and other products have played an irreplaceable role in "belt and road" construction, such as the beipanjiang bridge, the world's highest bridge, and both blue whale no. 1 and the construction of great powers and heavy instruments. it has promoted the application of green technology, implemented green management of the entire product life cycle and the entire industrial chain, and is the only steel company in the country that has passed full-process ultra-low emission inspection and acceptance organized by the ministry of ecology and environment, to become a benchmark for green development and green leadership.

shougang co., ltd. has always been with the times, with customers, with shareholders, and with employees. it has promoted high quality benign interaction between entity operation and capital operation. in order to become a high-end product manufacturer and service provider supported by independent innovation, and an outstanding listed company with the most investment value and world competitiveness, it forges ahead bravely.

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